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  • Service hotline:13758737999
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    Yongjia Wancheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Website establishment

    The release date:2021.03.22
    Yongjia County Wancheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yongjia County Oubei Town Tangtou prosperous East Road 92. We in line with the "word is Paramount, integrity is supreme" service tenet and business philosophy, for many customers to provide goods and services. Company commitment, good faith management, sincere cooperation, hand in hand! We are in line with the "science and technology people-oriented" service tenet, adhering to the "quality benefit, reputation out of the market" business philosophy, and constantly develop new products!

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    Contact person: Ye Aqi Mobile: 13758737999
    Email: wancheng_m@126.com Website: Post address: Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Tang Tou Fanhua East Road 92
    Yongjia Wancheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Technical support:Zhejiang Huayi Network For the record,:浙ICP備2021011111號  
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